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Get the full Strength by Mari experience!

Get the full Strength by Mari experience!

Build confidence, sculpt your body & feel amazing with Mari's NEW Strength & Sculpt guide. This 8-week program is available for both home & gym in all fitness levels, including beginner, intermediate, & advanced. Build strength, develop confidence & transform your body in 8 weeks with our new Strength & Sculpt guide!

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Exclusive workout guides

Discover new workouts and filter your guides based on your goals & explore exclusive training content inspired by my own 90lb weight loss journey!


Train with leading transformation experts

Feel empowered to train the way YOU want with world-class Pilates, HIIT and Strength training coaches at your fingertips.


Endless workouts to discover

Whether you want to switch up your training style, or just need inspiration, the NEW Strength by Mari interface makes it easier than ever to discover new workouts so you never get tired of your routine, or feel lost in the gym again.


Easily track your progress

Watch your transformation journey unfold with our innovative new progress tracker to help you record every milestone and every achievement on your fitness journey.


Never stress about nutrition again.

Food is a huge part of your transformation journey. Trouble is, it’s very easy to get it wrong, or caught up in common “guilt traps”. Strength by Mari will teach you how to win at nutrition and has hundreds of my favourite recipes, all carefully selected to help you achieve your goals!

Choose a trainer to suit your goals

Strength by Mari is the home for some of the world's greatest transformation experts. Our trainers will guide you to move, grow and transform while avoiding any of the common roadblocks people face on their journey of growth!

Move with Mari




Hi, I’m Mari, the Founder of the Strength by Mari App, and I’m here to help you transform your fitness and become the best version of you.

I hit rock bottom both mentally and physically and was ready to make a change in my life. I decided to take ownership of my health, lost over 90 lbs, and finally found self-love. I fell in love with fitness and nutrition and was inspired to help others do the same.

I’m here to help you build strength, step outside your comfort zone, and become the best version of you!

Push Yourself with Paulina




Hi, I’m Paulina, your HIIT Trainer. Get ready to sweat and challenge yourself with explosive & athletic movements.

My journey started when I was a young kid. I always knew I wanted to be a fitness trainer, which sparked my interest in studying Physical Science at university. After graduating in Poland, I became a professional trainer, and moved to the US. I have been training for over 8 years now, and I can’t see myself doing anything else, it’s my passion.

I’m here to help motivate you and push you one step further than you thought was possible.

Train with Tiffani




Hey, it’s Tiffani, your Pilates Trainer. No matter what fitness level you’re at, I’m here to challenge you.

I’ve been in athletics for most of my life. I ran track and field in college, and I continued my journey professionally. I ran in 3 Olympic trials and made my first USA team in 2019, where I ran in Europe vs USA.

I incorporate all these experiences in my guide, so whether you want to stretch, find a deeper mind-body connection, or feel your legs shaking, I have a workout for you.

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So easy to use, so organized! Finally a fitness app that doesn’t overwhelm me. So grateful!


Great workout program to get you comfortable being in the weight room! Eases you into it so you are not completely sore after your first workouts!


I go into the gym with a plan thanks to this app. I check the boxes, I feel complete and know I’ve gotten a good workout in and it fits perfectly with my lifestyle


I love the Strength app! Recipes, guides for home or gym, switch options, instructional videos, links to You Tube, challenges.. it’s got it all in one place. Strength is helping me transform my body as well as my habits for life! 💚


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