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Get the full Strength by Mari experience!

Get the full Strength by Mari experience!

Build confidence, sculpt your body & feel amazing with Mari's NEW Strength & Sculpt guide. This 8-week program is available for both home & gym in all fitness levels, including beginner, intermediate, & advanced. Build strength, develop confidence & transform your body in 8 weeks with our new Strength & Sculpt guide!

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235,000+ transformations and counting!

So easy to use, so organized! Finally a fitness app that doesn’t overwhelm me. So grateful!


Great workout program to get you comfortable being in the weight room! Eases you into it so you are not completely sore after your first workouts!


I go into the gym with a plan thanks to this app. I check the boxes, I feel complete and know I’ve gotten a good workout in and it fits perfectly with my lifestyle


I love the Strength app! Recipes, guides for home or gym, switch options, instructional videos, links to You Tube, challenges.. it’s got it all in one place. Strength is helping me transform my body as well as my habits for life! 💚


Results that speak for themselves...